Features and Functions

Cheerleading Competition

Score Keeping

  • Up to 6 categories
  • Unlimited # of Divisions
  • Score Formula = Difficulty Score + Up to 3 judges scores + Placement Points – Technical Deductions – Time Penalty


  • Heat Sheet – Scoresheet for judges to write their scores on
  • Score Sheet – Shows each individual judge’s scores inputted into the software
  • Winners Sheet – Displays the Winners for each Category and/or Division

Instructions after downloading the demo and applying the latest update

  • 1 – Go to Tools => Options and check the Cheerleading box and also increase the High Limit to 100 and then save.
  • 2 – Exit Score Master completely and restart Score Master.
  • 3 – Go to Tools => Edit Categories and input the information.
  • 4 – Go to Tools => Edit Divisions and input the information.
  • 5 – Create a couple of teams and create the squads for those teams.
  • 6 – Create a Meet and choose the participating teams, input the # of judges scores on the Category tabs.
  • 7 – Edit Competitor info and check the squads and “Save and Close”
  • 8 – Go to Speed Score and input scores.
  • 9 – Go to Reports and run Heat Sheets, Score Sheets and Winner Sheets

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