Demo & Update

Software Update, Demo Version & Info Guide

Software Update 4.75 (click here)

(1 MB) This update includes all updates and has to be applied to a fully installed version.

List of Enhancements (click here) – View of enhancements & fixes in this update.

Attention: Windows 7 & more recent versions:
Windows is very protective of the Program Files folder & Sub-folders and will prevent files being directly unzipped into this folder and the SMWin sub-folder.
Unzip the files into a temp folder and then use Windows Explorer to manually copy the files into the Program Files/SMWin folder.

(The update will NOT work by itself, it has to be applied to previously installed software.)

Demo Version Software (click here)

Demo Version Software – (10 MB) This is a full working version with reporting limitations and a time expiration.

Information Guide (click here)

Info Guide – A document containing detailed information about the software including: overview, features & functions, sample reports, score board options, support & upgrade policy and order form.

Purchase Software (click here)

Purchase Software – (10 MB) Purchase a fully-working version of the Score Master, options include:
$295 – Single user version
$795 – Network / Betabrite version
$500 – Upgrade from Single user to Network version