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The purpose of this forum is to allow users to express how Score Master saves time and helps run a meet more efficiently. If Score Master saves you time, please explain. If you use Score Master in an innovative way, please explain.


Posted by: Roger Burke – James Madison University – Head Coach
Subject: Eastern College Athletic Conference Championships

I don’t believe it is possible to say enough about the ScoreMaster scoring system and especially the support Mark Mahoney provides. We used ScoreMaster last year for the first time at the ECAC Championships and it was a wonderful experience. Mark was outstanding in assisting us in getting the program running. With the addition of 3 new teams to the ECAC Conference, the ECAC Championship consisted of 9 collegiate teams. This was the first time the championship was conducted using the Capital Cup format and it ran flawlessly. When hosting any competition there are many things to be concerned about before, during and after the competition. It is comforting to know that thanks to ScoreMaster, scoring is no longer one of them. As a newcomer to the program, I had many questions for Mark, all of which were answered quickly, accurately and not during normal business hours. The only thing better than this program is the support that Mark provides. Mark was really responsive and helpful to all my questions and needs. With the new wireless technology available, we were able to project scores onto a big screen TV as well as onto a large gymnasium wall using an LCD projector. What I am really excited about is the future. As we collect more technology, we will be able to add to what we have and provide a more professional and technological event. With a few recycled laptop computers we will be able to enable the judges to enter the gymnast’s score at each event and it will immediately appear on our scoring projection system and also into the ScoreMaster scoring system on our computer, thereby eliminating the need for score flashers, runners and additional meet personnel to enter scores. What is most exciting about ScoreMaster and Mark Mahoney is that during the process of figuring out the program and having Mark answer my questions he was asking me about the needs of the collegiate programs. As he was addressing my concerns he was figuring how to make upgrades to ScoreMaster to upgrade the program even further with features that will specifically address the needs of the collegiate programs. I am anxiously awaiting the start of the 2006 season and getting to use ScoreMaster again.

Posted by: Scott Davis
Subject: TV / Computer / Projector Interface

Score Master has to be one of the most convenient, feature packed scoring program out there. It makes the stress of running a meet and the fear of slow results a thing of the past. Mark has constantly added awesome new features such as the TV monitor as a display option. We have used the television monitor system on many occasions and have received only the highest of compliments from the spectators. I am able to use only 4 small beta brites and one TV interface to cover our entire competition area (approx 15000sq ft!) Parents are no longer squinting to read results! With the addition of more TV monitors, you could easily host in any size arena.

Posted by: Brad Brewer
Subject: Great Software for Great Meets

Since we started our Shooting Stars Invitational 3 years ago we’ve used ScoreMaster with great success. The meet is held in our own gym with no special awards room, we take awards out all places on all events, and we can still hold 3 very full sessions per day. This in large part due to our ability to get the scores into the announcer’s hands within 3 to 5 minutes after the last score is entered. Creating the batch “Winners Reports” and validating them long before the meet date is one of the KEY features to making this happen. When we enter the last score of the session we are confident that the results we print are accurate and we have never had a scoring mistake we’ve had to correct after we printed these reports. That’s after scoring well over 1000 gymnasts in 3 meets with 441 gymnasts this weekend alone! As a parent of a gymnast I know the one-thing parents dislike the most is delays in score results. In this day and age of computers it just shouldn’t happen and won’t happen if ScoreMaster is used properly. Want to make coaches happy, give them printed results while the awards are still going on. And lets not forget Mark … the software is well documented, easy to learn, setup and use, but if you really can’t figure it out on your own he always comes through!! Just remember, if coaches and parents go away from a meet happy they want come back again and again. This software can help make that happen.

Posted by: Steve Huey
Subject: The BEST scoring software on the market

Our team (Berks Gymnastics in Reading PA)has been using Score-Master scoring software for years now and we couldn’t be happier. Mark Mahoney and Score-Master set the standard by which all other companies (unsuccessfully) try to obtain. Gymnastics is all about striving for perfection, being the best that you can be. If I were a judge I would have to give Mark and Score-Master a 10.0. Thanks Score-Master. There are many things to worry about when hosting a meet and thanks to your software scoring is no longer one of them. Steve Huey-Berks Gymnastic Team Marketing Director.

Posted by: David Kirkwood
Subject: Score-master/Escore

I have used score-master coupled with escore for 3 state championships we have hosted over the last five years. With new wireless technology we are able to project scores onto big screen tv’s which is much easier to see than conventional scoring displays. It is easy and makes for a much more “wireless setup”. The side benefit has been the use of our computer coupled with wireless transmitter and receiver and a tv for information slide shows for our parents watching their children.

Posted by: Paul Padron
Subject: ScoreMaster

We used ScoreMaster last year at the 2003 Charleston Cup and it was a wonderful experience. Mark Mahoney was outstanding in assisting us in getting the program running. The Charleston Cup consists of 2 competition gyms with over 1,000 athletes so it is imperative that the scoring system works. ScoreMaster did a great job and I highly recommend it to all meet directors.

Posted by: Guy Crocetti
Subject: Scoremaster

We just finished our meet using Scoremaster, and everything ran perfectly. As a newcomer to the program, I had many questions for Mark, all of which were answered quickly, and accurately. the only thing better than this program is the support Mark provides. One final note: after our meet last weekend, I suggested a report which might make it easier to check athletes in the day of the meet, and the next day it was part of the program! Very impressive. I have NEVER used a program anywhere which runs so well, and which is so well supported.

Posted by: Laura Saale
Subject: new labels

I just ran ScoreMaster for the first time. The scoring was perfect and we had results to coaches before awards were even half over. The new competitor label function is the greatest: event, number, name, level, team name now can all be clearly shown with no handwriting necessary! Judges really liked the new cards for ease of reading the names and numbers of the gymnast before the routine. The new print range function is a real time and paper saver. Mark was really responsive and helpful to all my questions as a first timer.

Posted by: J.K. Aker
Subject: Flawless!!

Just completed our fourth meet using Score Master and our beautiful Elite Scorboard. Everything ran flawlessly!! Mark has been a wonderful resource for help when needed and Roger and his fine crew with Elite Scoreboard are the best!! You can’t go wrong with these products and these folks that stand behind their equipment and software.

Posted by: Geoff Rupe
Subject: The Best

I’ve been using ScoreMaster for over 5 years now. It has been rock solid, and the support I get from Mark is second to none. If you are looking for scoring software that works for you, this is it. Geoff

Posted by: Jim Pritchard
Subject: web posting of scores

I post our meet scores on the web. With Score-Master the task is very simple to perform. Just save the report as html, name it and put it in a safe place until you are ready to upload it to your server.

Posted by: Beth Chaney
Subject: Beta Brite

Our gym hosts several large meets each year, including 8,9 and 10 Georgia State competitions. We used to use Netscore but wanted to switch to a program that works off of a database to keep from having to hand enter the same gymnasts over and over again. Score Master accomodated our needs! Score Master works beautifully with our Beta Brite signs! We have the ability to change all display options: color, scroll, flash, size all from one station. The ease of being able to download teams from the USA website is a great feature. Customer support has been great too. Thanks Mark, keep up the good work!

Posted by: Connie Ballas
Subject: Illinois L8/9 State Meet

Our club has been using Scoremaster for several years now and I have been consistently pleased with it. I feel compelled to let you know how Scoremaster really came through for us. We hosted the Level 8 & 9 Illinois State Meet. Pre-meet preparations went smoothly due to Scoremaster’s ability to export data easily to let me create custom reports in Microsoft Access. At the meet, we had to rearrange age groups on short notice and Scoremaster handled this unusual request with ease. Thanks so much for a great program!

Posted by: Barbara Silvey
Subject: How much we LOVE ScoreMaster!!!!

My name is Barb Silvey-Farnsworth and I am a teacher in Spokane, WA. We recently purchased ScoreMaster after looking at several other programs. We purchased it because we were in need of a program to score our District and Regional High School meets. These are the things we LOVE about it: 1. Ease of use – It took me about 3 hours to learn how to use the entire program, including setting up meets and printing reports. 2. Availability of help – Mark has been phenomenal in his response to my questions for help. He has asked the right questions, given me tips about what to get from ScoreMaster what I need and has done so in a timely manner. 3. Flexibility of program – Scoremaster can be whatever you need it to be…we were able to use it for our high school meets with just a few adjustments. 4. Speed and accuracy of results – As quickly as you can input the data for your meet, you can have results. Through two meets of 15 teams each, we had NO errors in any of the mathematical calculations. In addition, printing can be accomplished quickly so that coaches can have results in a timely manner. In conclusion, I couldn’t recommend a product more highly. Several coaches at our District and Regional meets expressed interest in this product because they saw the level of performance. Buy it now and make your scoring a breeze!!

Posted by: S. Kelly
Subject: Score Master

I choose score master several years ago after evaluating 3 other products. Score Master was the only one that properly used the Windows operating system, which eliminated soooo many print problems. Mark has been wonderful at enhancing the software to make meet running easier. The “recalc age feature” is HUGE time savings at the start of each meet season. The USAG download feature is marvelous – saves lots of input time -just download the whole team, and only edit changes ! Keep the enhancements coming !

Posted by: Cindy Hays
Subject: Scoremaster 🙂

We are a relatively new gymnastics team, competing in the YMCA League in Pennsylvania. Our coach announced that we were being asked to host the Western PA YMCA Championship meet for Levels 6, 7, & 8. To most teams this might not have been a big deal, but to a 3 year old team who had never even hosted a dual meet, we were to say the least nervous. I was put in charge of the computer, not because I had any gymnastics meet experience, but because I had run software for swimming and wrestling matches. I looked around for software and came to the scoremaster site. After downloading the trial version and using it for 20 min., I was sold. No other sports software I have used can even compare. Still going into the meet I was apprehensive. I have had programs that were easy to use in entering but crashed and burned when it was time for results. I think I printed every type of report possible, just as a backup. I even had someone writing scores on a report, so we could double check. Every thing went great!! I had all results verified and labels printing within 10 min. of the final preformance. Coaches and parents were amazed. Things couldn’t have gone much smoother. Next time I might even be able to sleep the night before.

Posted by: Joe Caldwell
Subject: ScoreMaster at the I Love NY Cup

We have used ScoreMaster for the last 2 years at our annual “I Love NY Cup” meet in Feb. This year I had just under 800 competitors to enter. The new feature that allowed me to extract the competitor info (name, level, birthday, USAG number) directly from the USAG website saved me an unbelievable amount of data entry time. Other noteworthy features that helped our meet run smoothly include: 1. The batch reporting feature, which allowed me to set up all of the individual age group/event award reports AND team award reports before the meet even started. Then for each session it just took a click of the mouse to generate the winner reports immediately after the last score was keyed in. It also allowed us to immediately generate and post for the parents the intermediate results as each rotation ended during a session. With the number of kids involved, we had many positive comments from parents and coaches alike that they couldn’t believe how quickly we were generating the intermediate and final results. I also created all of the heat sheets (which is what we gave to the judges) as batch templates before the meet, so that we could just generate them with one click once the last scratch or addition was made at the coaches meetings prior to each session. 2. The ability to dump targetted data from ScoreMaster out to other files made it much easier to generate such supplemental sheets as team rosters, rotation sheets, etc. without having to re-type the competitor and gym info using some other tool. We could easily dump data out into regular text files and then read them into spreadsheet products (we used both Lotus 1-2-3 and Microsoft Excel) or word processors (we used both Lotus WordPro and windows WordPad) to reformat into whatever form we wanted. This helped immensely in getting all of the teams and rotation sheets into the meet Program that we sold at the door. 3. The ‘spreadheet-like’ format of the Edit Competitors facility made it very easy to sort and locate competitors and make changes quickly during the meet, including late scratches and additions. 4. We got SUPER comments from coaches and parents alike about the website we generated with the results after the meet. Although I did have to do some of my own webpage work, I have to credit ScoreMaster’s ability to dump data out in ‘html’ format as a tremendous help in getting my results pages out quickly and accurately. Have a look at There are many more great features that help with speed and accuracy; too many to list. If you have any questions on other ways we used ScoreMaster, feel free to email me at

Posted by: Fred Li
Subject: ScoreMaster (Aloha Gymnastics World)

We’ve been using ScoreMaster for nearly one year and it’s been great! I especially like the Limit Competitors Displayed feature in Edit Competitor Information page. It allows me to scratch or add groups of competitors based upon the filters I choose. During the meet, the Speed Score feature allows for quick and accurate score entry. I especially like the Report Batch capabilities, which allow us to preset all the necessary reports and print them without the need to manually set each of the filters for each age group and event. Our meets simply run smoother with ScoreMaster.

Posted by: Jack Driscoll
Subject: ScoreMaster’s a hit

Our Gym (American Gymnastics Training Center) just completed our invitational this past weekend. So while it’s still fresh in my mind, I wanted to providesome feedback on the ScoreMaster product. First and foremost, the ScoreMaster product was a major contributor to the successful,smooth operation of our meet. With going into too many details, we had close to 500 gymnastics competing in both girls and boys compulsory and optional levels. The newer ScoreMaster features including the connection to the USAG Website for team roster downloads as well as the batch reporting add tremendous improvements to the score keeper’s job. We had a number of parents AND coaches comment on the speed at which we were able to produce results. We also used the ‘Sub-Team’ field in order to calculate a boys optional team trophy winner. Unlike girls meets, all the optional Boys in our inviational compete for 1 team trophy (Classes 4 – 1). In order to produce a Team Winner sheet for this we placed an ‘O’ in the sub-team field and simply ran the report based off this field. In previous years this had to be calculated by hand at the end of the meet. Talk about being under the gun! Not anymore.

Posted by: Ginny Labagh
Subject: DOS vs.Windows version

Just wanted to let you know that our meet went off without a hitch…. using the new score master (rather than the old DOS version) made all the difference in the world…. It was a treat to keep discovering new things that the program would do for me….. I felt like a little kid!….it saved me a lot of time…… Thanks!

Posted by: Brent Spaulding
Subject: Tips and Tricks

When I set up my age descriptions for my meet I put the level the age description is associated with in the first characters of the age description. For example, for the age group (description) of 6-7 for Level 4, I put in “4: 6-7” in the age description. The reason I do this is to same time when inputing data for batch reports (or any place where the age desc. is used). With the age desc defined this way, the user can type the first character of the description while in the age desc. field, and the drop down box will cycle through the the values with that first character. So with the example used, the user would hit the number “4” on the keyboard and the age desc box will go to the first “4” in the list, if you keep hitting the “4” the box will cycle through all entries with a “4” as the first character. Be careful with level 10, because the level 1 starts with the same first character (I don’t use Level 1 desc. so I have deleted it). If you have questions, please contact me and I would be glad to help you. If you have tips, It would be great to read it here on this great new section of the Score Master website! Regards, Brent Spaulding

Posted by: Tami Chamberlain
Subject: Score-master

We have been using Scoremaster for the past several years. We have found it to be very user friendly. We are able to have results within 15 minutes of the last competitor competing. Coaches also appreciate receiving the results of the meet before the awards are handed out. Whenever we have had any questions, we are able to go on-line and find out our answers or e-mail any questions and get a quick response to our questions. Thank you for a great scoring system!

Posted by: Brent Spaulding
Subject: Score Master’s

I started using Score Master about 2 years ago. I chose Score Master for a few basic reasons. The price was right, the interface was intuitive, and Mark was friendly on the phone as well as e-mail. I also, like it because I was able to create my own software to interface with it. My software, called eScore, links to ScoreMaster and provides remote score entry (judges entering scores – or a meet volunteer at each judge table) and automated flashing. On my system, the scores are flashed on regular televisions. All the components of the system are standard, off the shelf type, stuff and can often be donated by parents, thereby helping reduce the capital expenditures of the gym, if they don’t buy the whole kit. The “off the self” components allow for complete flexibility and the cost is dramatically cheaper than the other guys. With all the features of Score Master (Batch Reports are GREAT!) as the heart of the total scoring system, coupled with eScore for remote entry and automated flashing, there is not a meet around that could challenge the capability of such an awsome package. Brent Spaulding – self proclaimed scoring guru and ScoreMaster advocate! Kokomo, IN

Posted by: Vinny Savastano
Subject: Score Master

We’ve been using Score Master for over 10 years. We have it interfaced with our Electronic Scoreboard. During the meet, the Judges punch in the gymnast’s score and it immediately appears on our Scoreboard and also into Score Master on our computer. (There is no need for score flashers or runners, etc.) At the conclusion of the competition, we go into Score Master and get all the results and then we click on a button to upload the results to the Web Site. It’s magic!!!