Version 4.8 – Enhancements

  • USAG Website CSV file import of team roster was broken due to a change in the file format that USAG made in 2022, this has been fixed.
  • Removed the old “Import USAG” button from Team screen, Left the USAG Reservation button

Version 4.7 – Enhancements

  • USAG Website CSV file import of team roster was broken due to a change in the file format that USAG made in 2017, this has been fixed.
  • NEW Feature – Added “Import USAG Reservation” button to Team screen, so the reservation .CSV file can now be imported also.
  • Uploading results to Meet Scores Online – would previously cause an error when the system tried to create an XML file in a folder within the SMWin folder, this was changed to create a folder off of the main directory – SMWin_XML_files.

Version 4.6 – Enhancements

  • Meet Financials – Team entry fees can now exceed 99 dollars.
  • Winners Sheet – Easier to read tied scores. There is a “T” beside the first column for each score that is tied, rather than the word “Tie” appended to the name field of the second tied score only.
  • Winners Sheet – Easier to see where the cut off for awards ends. There is now a line drawn after the last award given. This line is based on a new awards parameter: either a number or percentage. Now you have the ability to indicate the number of awards or percentage of awards based on all assigned competitors for the level and/or age group.
  • Batch Reports – Winners Sheet – The new Awards Parameter has been added to Report Batches.

Version 4.59 – Enhancements

  • USAG Website Roster Download – USA Gymnastics changed their website in March 2011 that broke the download roster feature in Score Master. This version has been enhanced to import the new CSV File Download option in the USAG Website.
  • Edit Scores – Men’s Meet – This option fixes the issue with Edit Scores feature not showing the first 3 events for men’s meets only.

Version 4.58 – Enhancements

  • Score Sheet – Ability to sort based on Squad, Event Order (Competitor Order) and Final Score.
  • Heat Sheet – Ability to sort based on Squad, Event Order (Competitor Order).

Version 4.57 – Enhancements

  • Fix – USAG Roster download – the new USAG website was opening the Go Members web application in a new window and was causing the roster extraction button not to work.

Version 4.56 – Enhancements

  • TnT or Combo meets – Score Board – Combo score display only after Comp then Optional score is entered, displays “Combo:” on TV and Betabrites.
  • Fix – Speed Score – TnT meets – sometimes the competitor could not be found and Score Master had to be restarted.
  • Fix – Vista (some older versions) Warning message that the ENTER Key on Speed Score may not work properly on Speed Score, please use TAB key.
  • Reports – TnT or Combo Reports, you can now put in a blank for both Genders when reporting.
  • Fix – An intermittent issue with saving scratches and unscratches for Combo (Comp & Opt) meets.
  • Fix – Fixed Score Report so it would display TnT difficulty scores.
  • Fix – Score Boards – Fixed Score Display for FIG meets to not show judge’s scores, if display individual Judge’s score display option is turned off.
  • Fix – Filter on Edit Comp so that if “A” was entered for Session is would only display “A” not “AA” too.

Version 4.55– Enhancements

  • Team and Roster Import – 2 New Options under the Tools menu that allow you to import Team Information – Creates the teams and then import Team Members for each the teams. This is for users (or others) that want to import Team and Roster information for more than one team at a time.

Version 4.54– Enhancements

  • Random Draw – New Button on Edit Competitor Screen. Will put the competitors in a random competition order. You will see the order number in the Events order column to the far right. The are put in the same order for all events. The Heat Sheet, Score Sheet and Rotation Schedule are the only reports that can use the Event Order for report sorting.
  • 2006 FIG Scoring – Ability to input a starting value, A and B panel judges scores. This is for international (FIG) meets only, should not be used for local, section, state and regional meets.


Version 4.52 – Enhancements

  • FIX – Display Scores on a Monitor – when overwriting a score from Speed Score on the server – an error would occur – fixed.
  • Speed Score Audit Report – Warning and prompt about no printer attached.
  • FIX – NCAA Report – Bars – Some competitors were not showing – fixed.
  • Judge Score Range checking – new option under Edit a Meet=>Scoring Options.
  • NCAA Report – now can handle exhibition competitors – any competitor with an event order greater than 6 is considered exhibition
  • NCAA Report – Heat Sheet now shows the competitors in Event Order
  • NCAA ECAC Division I Championships – Big Success using the new Computer monitor / TV/ Projector Interface
  • Rhythmic – Ability to Handle Level 8 and Level 9-10 scorekeeping rules
  • Super Teams – Ability to have competitors on a Super Team from several different traditional Score Master teams – You will see a new option on the Team Reports.
  • Ability to Paste from Excel right onto the Edit Team screen – see notes under Team => Import data
  • Computer Monitor / TV / Projector Feature – Ability to have different custom JPEG backgrounds – One for Incoming Scores and One for each event for results.


Version 4.481 – Enhancements

  • Edit Competitor Info – fix – error 424 for a collegiate or high school meet
  • Elite Score – MDX board fix – it now works with the MDX score board
  • Greatly Enhanced User Guide (PDF)
  • Competitor Screen, Edit Scores, Edit Team – column widths adjustments are saved
  • Fix – AA Winners Labels only – Intermittent bug – would not always break an AA tie correctly
  • Team Screen – highlights current competitor line in yellow
  • Fix – Intermittent age calculation – if meet fell competitors birthday, sometime mis-calc
  • Achievement ranges and colors can now be saved
  • AA report – only competitors on all events will be displayed on the AA results (no scratches)
  • Speed Score Screen – ability to scratch a competitor from all events or 1 event
  • Fix – Import team data
  • XML Interface – Posting results to GymnasticStats and MeetScoresOnline
  • Network Version – Interface to Large Arena score boards, real-time reporting and results reporting; including individual and team results
  • Network Version – XML Interface – Posting real-time scores to GymnasticStats and MeetScoresOnline
  • Network Version – Computer monitor / TV / projector interface – ability to display scores real time to a large screen including individual and team results


Version 4.45 – Enhancements

  • Session Summary – Great report for session sub-totals.  Sub totals by session, squad, level, age group and team.
  • Meet Summary – Great check in report.  Lists by team: amount due, amount paid, balance due, missing USAG’s, missing birthdays, totals by level
  • Competitor Screen – Sub-totals Report – Great report for deciding where to break down age groups, gives you a total per level per age group and total per level per age.
  • Competitor Screen – New Button – Assign Session – assigns a session to competitors displayed.  This can be used in conjunction with the Limit Competitors Displayed button.
  • Competitor Screen – Highlights current line in yellow.
  • Fix – Score Sheet – Men’s Parallel Bars were displaying the Pommel Horse scores.

Version 4.44 – Enhancements

  • Competitor Screen – added a button to Add a Competitor
  • Winner Sheets – Shows all ties even if ties are broken

Version 4.43 – Enhancements

  • Competitor Screen – added a button to calculate subtotals for levels and age groups.
  • Meet Roster – added t-shirt subtotals by size
  • Fix – Could not Edit a second team

Version 4.42 – Enhancements

  • Missing USAG Numbers Report – Displays a list of competitors missing a federation number.
  • Registration Report – A report listing name, competitor #, level, age, birth date, age group and team.  This report can be used to verify competitor info.

Version 4.41 – Enhancements

  • Missing Scores Totals on Speed Score screen.  Set the selection criteria for searching missing scores and totals are automatically updated on the speed score screen.  This allows the user quickly view how many scores have not been inputted by event.  The user can then run the Missing Scores report (from the Speed Score Screen) to see detail.
  • Fix – Team Roster screen would not display on high-resolution screen settings (1280 and above)
  • Fix – view and print a batch from the Batch Selection screen would not work properly the first time.
  • Widened the Age Group column on all screens and lengthened the pull down list window.
  • Competitor Screen – added an option to hide scratched competitors
  • Competitor labels 2 – added the t-shirt size to the label

Version 4.40 – Enhancements

  • Added new report option – Competitor Labels 2 – uses Avery 8163 – 2” x 4” inch labels – with an option to print a label per event
  • Ability to Print a Range of Pages from the View Report screen
  • New Score Board Interface – Daktronics Venus 7000 matrix board interface (only available in the network version)

Version 4.39 – Enhancements

  • Fixed a problem with version 4.38 “Unexpected error 50003” while editing Meet information – tabctl.dll was not properly registered.
  • Print / View a range of reports in a batch

Version 4.38 – Enhancements

  • Fixed a problem with version 4.37 “Unexpected error 50003” while editing Meet information – tabctl.dll was not properly registered.
  • Put meet name, date and time on HTML output
  • Team Winners report – ability to sort by event totals

Version 4.37 – Enhancements

  • Trampoline & Tumbling support – ability to put a competitor in a different level per event
  • Trampoline & Tumbling support – ability to set up a meet with both men and women
  • Trampoline & Tumbling support – ability to assign a gender per competitor (team screen)
  • NCAA – Men’s report (same format as the women’s)
  • Changed font for reports from San Serif to Arial
  • Fonts can go as low as 6 pt.
  • Fixed version 4.36 Rotation Schedule bug – report would not run


Version 4.36 – Enhancements

  • Big Paper savers !!!
  • Consolidated USAG report – now contains all levels and age groups with placing per level and age group.
  • Winners Sheet – consolidated report – one report with all events and all around
  • Winners Labels – consolidated report – one set of labels with all events and all around
  • Heat Sheet and Score Sheet – ability to print all events at one time
  • Report Preview – just like MS Word now, ability view pages exactly the way they will print
  • Ability for user to control page orientation (portrait & landscape)
  • Winner Labels – Moved Level up one line to eliminate truncation
  • Winner Sheet – Moved level down one line to eliminate truncation
  • Screen resolution – spreadsheet windows will maximize to large screen resolutions
  • Network version – Ability to daisy chain Bigdot signs to the server and monitor incoming scores, scores will be sent to the appropriate sign
  • Help is now in HTML and on one HTML page for easy printing
  • Edit Scores – ability to perform sub sorts of column
  • Batch Reporting now contains the “All Events” option and should greatly reduce the number of lines in a batch
  • High School and Collegiate Reports – deleted all references to Levels and Age groups


Version 4.34 – Enhancements

  • International Scoring (for Canadian & Australian users) – Ability to input a start value, up to four judges execution scores, bonus value and neutral deduction
  • Team Score Sheets & Team Winner Sheets – deleted unnecessary right side columns
  • Updates Heat, Score and USAG reports regarding start values

Version 4.33 – Enhancements

  • Edit Competitor Info – Multiple sorts while viewing data
  • Meet Financials – total NEW module

·         Track all finances regarding a meet

·         Track balances per account and ability to print out statements

·         Setup budgets for any part of a meet

·         Ability to track actual income and expenses versus budgets

·         Software auto-calculates meet entry fees – team and individual

·         All information can be exported to an Excel worksheets

·         Report on actual transactions, budgets and entry fee calculations

Version 4.29 – Enhancements

  • Total UPDATED and GREATLY enhanced the help file !!!
  • Added the ability to input Start Values, either one per routine or one per judge.  The option of one per routine is for international meets where the start value needs to be displayed on the USAG All Around Score Sheet.  The ability to input a start value per judge is only so the start value can be displayed on a BetaBrite sign.
  • Winner Sheets – HTML output now displays the event name

Version 4.28 – Enhancements

  • Fix – Tramp and Tumbling 4 judges scores – score totals now instead of averaging
  • BetaBrite sign interface – starting value display
  • Fix – Combo meet problem ‘ Edit Competitor” info save problem

Version 4.27 – Enhancements

  • BetaBrite sign interface (only available in the Network version)
  • Fix – Men’s Rotation Schedule problem

Version 4.26 – Enhancements

  • New Rotation Schedule Report – takes the “Rotation Field” and reports it as squads on a Rotation Schedule
  • GymnasticStats – New USAIGC Governing Body option for uploading to the GymnasticStats
  • Bigger Buttons & new icons on Main Screen
  • Batch Reports – Program Sheets, Rotation Sheet & Rotation Schedule have been added
  • Create File – new option – “Save as Spreadsheet and Launch Excel”
  • Fix – Version 4.25 bug – Comp #’s and Squads not saving from Edit Competitor Screen

Version 4.24 – Enhancements

  • Fix – When adding a new batch – no phantom reports appear
  • New “Copy a Batch” option – big time saver to copy Report Batches
  • Fix – GymnasticStats upload – AA place was missing

Version 4.23 – Enhancements

  • Batch Reporting – Start at any row (While editing Batch Criteria, position cursor and click View, Print or Create File Button
  • Report Output – Excel file format option
  • Fix – NCAA Report – 4.21 had a bug that would sometimes caused the team vault score to be incorrect.
  • Fix – Batch Report – Excel & Text output now works
  • File Save option does not change “html” to “htm”
  • Batch Reporting – Team Reports now use the Meet Default regarding the # of scores counted for team score

Version 4.21 – Enhancements

  • Fix –  HTML output was missing a /table command for Netscape browsers
  • Fix – NCAA Report – new order field & 4.19 bug of vault scores not displaying
  • Fix – Some printers would not work properly with software

Version 4.19 – Enhancements

  • Fix – 4.16 bug – Team Roster did not show the correct session, rotation value or Event check boxes

Version 4.18 – Enhancements

  • Fix – 4.16 bug – Score Card option zeroes out the AA total
  • Fix – FTP function (sending reports up to the web) was not working properly

Version 4.17 – Enhancements

  • Edit Competitor Info – Event order fields
  • Fix – Edit Team Info – Import Text data was not saving always – fixed
  • Fix – 4.16 Bug after 1-9-01 – Assign #’s did not save

Version 4.16 – Enhancements

  • Download athlete data from USAG website – HUGE TIME SAVER!
  • Fix – Re-calc of Men’s ages and Men’s re-assigning of age groups
  • ALL Around score – AA neutral deduction entry – Edit Scores screen
  • Batch Reports – Duplicate a report button – big time saver when creating batches
  • Fix – Create Rotations works in conjunction with “Competitors Displayed is Limited” – (Filtering Function)
  • Team Member Screen – when a birth date is changed the Age Group is re-assigned automatically
  • Edit Competitor Info Screen – when a birth date is changed the Age Group is re-assigned automatically
  • Age Group Screens – ability to Delete an Age Group
  • Age Group Screens – ability to Insert an Age Group
  • Fixed Database locked error on Options screen
  • Team Winner Sheets – Event placing
  • GymnasticStats – Team Winner info uploading

Version 4.15 – Enhancements

  • Updated USAG tie-breaking

AA                                              Event

1st highest event                           All Around Score

2nd highest event                          Flip a Coin

3rd highest event

  • Export files have the correct extension (html=.htm, Excel=.xls, etc)
  • Achievement Award Report
  • Rotation Report
  • Recalculate all ages and re-assign age groups button on Edit Levels screen
  • Team member import
  • Team member export
  • GymnasticStats website upload capability
  • FTP Support (ability to upload to a website directly from Score Master)
  • Missing Scores Report:  Red Color for missing scores
  • Blanks lines on reports: will make some reports easier to read

Version 4.13 – Enhancements

  • Speed Score – ability to overwrite an existing score
  • Fixed four-judge average score rounding error in Speed Score
  • Winner Labels – Fix – tie-breaking option (when on) works regarding place assignment

Version 4.12 – Enhancements

  • Fixed Score Audit Report random printing
  • Edit Team Screen – Clear All USAG numbers button

Version 4.10 – Enhancements

  • Century is no longer needed for birthdates fields
  • USAG Report – sub-team field no longer displayed (to make more room)
  • Edit Scores – averages in bold blue – easier to find and read
  • USATT support
    • 4 Event Names
    • Judges Scores added together
    • Difficulty added to judges scores
    • Neutral Deduction subtracted from the sum of (Judges scores + Difficulty)
  • Compulsory and Optional Meets supported (Comp and Optional Scores totaled)
  • Network version available $795 (license fee is credited towards purchase)
  • Edit Comp Screen – After a scratch cursor goes to next competitor
  • Edit Comp Screen – After a unscratch cursor goes to next competitor
  • Edit Scores Screen – After a scratch cursor goes to next competitor
  • Edit Scores Screen – After a unscratch cursor goes to next competitor

Version 4.08 – Enhancements

  • Create Rotation Logic – Could be a HUGE time saver, creates rotation and assigns a rotation ID
  • Label Start Row – Keeps from wasting labels!
  • Speed Score – AA total now includes score being inputted
  • Edit Comp Screen – Ability to limit which competitors are being displayed (Great for group scratches)
  • Edit Scores Screen – Ability to limit which competitors are being displayed (Great for group score input)
  • Edit Comp Screen – Searches are NOT case sensitive and partial fields are allowed
  • Edit Scores Screen – Searches are NOT case sensitive and partial fields are allowed

Version 4.07 – Enhancements

  • Speed Score – Searches are NOT case sensitive and partial fields are allowed
  • Score Card – Searches are NOT case sensitive and partial fields are allowed
  • HTML Output
  • Excel Spreadsheet Output
  • NCAA Report
  • 2 Vault Scores can be inputted – highest one is used
  • Font size and Margin options for Labels, Reports
  • Font size for Competitor Cards
  • ScoreMaster Database name and location option (System Options)
  • Speed Score input – Search by Name
  • Score Card input – Search by Name

Version 4.06 – Enhancements

  • Fixed – Batch Report – AA Winner Sheet
  • Fixed Rounding Error on Speed Score with Four Judges
  • Ability to View/Print All Team Rosters
  • Ability to have Four Sort Criteria Levels on Reports
  • Ability to Sort USAG Report
  • Speed Score Input Audit Report
  • Fixed “Birth Date Save” problem in Age Groups & Levels Maintenance
  • Put Competitor Statistics on Meet Roster
  • Ability to Import and Export Score Master Databases

Version 4.05 – Enhancements

  • Made [ENTER] = tab key on Speed Score screen
  • Print Member list from Team Maintenance
  • Ability to change field labels:  USAG, Team User1, Team User2, Meet User1, Meet User2
  • Winner labels and comp labels have Meet Name
  • Check for Duplicate Names, USAG #’s and put function on Team Screen
  • Fixed Score Sheets to show scores for the correct event
  • Score Card – previous competitor scratched event showed on next competitor’s events
  • Score Entry – fixed sporadic bug – “Competitor Not Found” when it was there
  • Score Card – enhancements – displays all competitor info
  • Winner Sheet – fixed 3 way tie logic (only recognized a 2 way tie)

Version 4.04 – Enhancements

  • New Meet – shows all the non-participating teams
  • Non inputted scores – Red on Score Edit Screen
  • Meet Delete Option – Deletes Score Records
  • Heat Sheet – Does not show scratched gymnasts for that event
  • Score Sheet – Does not show scratched gymnasts for that event
  • Score Card – shows all scores and positions correctly
  • Score Card – Bug Fix – If no event selected – scores go to 5th Event
  • USAG – Judges Signature line
  • Batch Reporting Capability

Version 4.03 – Enhancements

  • When deleting Roster record – delete Score Records
  • Select on 2 level’s for reporting
  • # of Places for Team Winner reports
  • Places on Team Winner reports
  • Team Winner Reports – sorted by team total
  • Break Ties – single option on Meet Main
  • Fixed birth dates – edited and stored correctly
  • Fast Score Entry – replaces previous text
  • Close Button on Data Entry Screens – behaves like “Save & Close” button
  • Windows System Date problem

Version 4.02 – Enhancements

  • Check for duplicate #’s button
  • Assign #’s – saves
  • Checks for screen mode
  • Suped up Help function
  • Need to fix “save all the time” in edit scores
  • Fixed Winner labels – was printing landscape
  • Fixed Team changes – save now
  • Age group has b-date ranges now
  • Fixed Score Edit – saving all the time
  • Age group is assigned based on age
  • Score Edit is a modal window
  • Fixed Assign Numbers and sort by Team

Version 4.01 – Enhancements

  • Assign #’s by multiple criteria